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gcn_blue_shirt_tie_ 4The team working for you.

Nicklin Surveying & Resource Management, a division of Cambridge Surveying Ltd, is a land Surveying and Resource Management firm based in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Headed by Grant Nicklin, the team are Registered Professional Surveyors and members of the following Associations: 

  • We are Licensed Cadastral Surveyors
  • We belong to the NZ Institute of Surveyors
  • Registered members of the Consulting Division of NZ Institute of Surveyors

Our team is highly skilled and highly experienced ensuring you get the best advice available.

Need more convincing? - here's 5 reasons why you should call.

  • Being qualified and knowing the law of the land as well as the lay of the land - makes Nicklin Surveying & Resource Management an ideal choice for your surveying needs 
  • We have local area knowledge and understand local authority systems and procedures.
    Our extensive experience and range of professional capabilities makes us stand out.
  • We're a team - we are part of your team and it is our job to make the subdivision work for you
  • Our service can often save you time AND money!
  • We love our job!

officeOur office at 6 Wilson Street, Cambridge




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