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What is a DC?

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seven_thingsA DC is "Development Contribution" and is a levy by Council on each new lot created by subdivision. 

DC’s are also levied for certain land-use consents.  The purpose of a DC is to cover the cost of Council infrastructure and other District wide services and is covered by Council’s Development Contribution Policy.  For example, the Waipa District Council DC is made up of the following components:

• roading
• sewage
• stormwater
• water supply
• parks and reserves

The DC’s are not trivial – to create a new residential lot in Cambridge, the DC is $27,855 incl GST    A new lot in Cambridge North residential area has a DC of  $47,335 incl GST.  A rural house site is levied at $16, 298 incl GST

DC’s are levied under the Local Government Act rather than the Resource Management Act.  DC’s may therefore increase annually as per the Governments Construction Cost Index.  This means that payment of a DC is not part of the usual subdivision condition imposed on a subdivision or land-use consent and may need to be paid within 1 year of gaining consent.  

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Waikato DC Plan Change 2 UPDATE

Plan Change 2 (previously called Plan Change 16) was notified on 19 November 2011.  The appeals period ended 23 January 2012.  We understand that there have been many and significantly submissions on these changes and the future of this Plan Change is uncertain.  More information.