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seven_stepsGet started right now! - with a Feasibility Study.

Planning for a subdivision requires knowing and understanding key requirements from the Council's District Plan.  The District Plan is the Council document that spells out the rules relating to land use and subdivision.

Nicklin Surveying & Resource Management specialise in the Waipa and Waikato Districts.  We understand the Councils' processes and required information.  We also know what is required to make a subdivision a success!

A Feasibility Study encompasses the following requirements which you need before you start your proposed subdivision:

  • Research into whether you can carry out your subdivision according to your local District Plan - includes a site visit.
  • A title search to correctly identify the land that you own
  • We will highlight issues that you may not have been aware of so you can be prepared
  • A detailed cost analysis including construction, consent fees, application fees, electricity, telephone and other services. (Legal fees and Land Agent fees are not included in this study)
  • A written report of all of the above for your reference.

All of the above for a small fee, depending on the complexity of the proposal.


    A feasibility study will show you the total cost of a subdivision (on an estimate basis).  Any items that we are unable to price adequately will be flagged.

    Contact us today to discuss your Feasibility Study and plan before you begin!  

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