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HP48GXNZsurv is an HP48GX program, written for NZ surveyors carrying out land transfer survey work.  It has been written by Grant Nicklin, a practicing land surveyor, and is marketed by Nicklin Surveying & Resource Management.

There is also a version of NZsurv called "NZsurv Lite" that will run on HP48GX and HP48G models.  This is a "cut-down" version that does not store coordinate data but still uses the same useful "Missing line" and "Utilities" program.

NZsurv handles calculations on NZ transverse mercator projections and D1949 and D2000 datums.

NZsurv full version sells for $300+GST and the "Lite" version $50+GST.

Check our further information on NZsurv in the articles and FAQ below.

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